Most People Are Good People

When I was in Bali, about 5 weeks in I had a motorbike accident. No bones were broken or anything, but I scraped up my foot pretty badly. Eventually, with all the humidity, dirt, and lack of proper medical supplies I had packed with me, it got extremely infected.

On the weekends, all the teachers would travel around to island to see all the cities and gorgeous landmarks. So about a week after my accident, I was in Kuta, the main city in Bali where all the best surfing and main tourist attractions were. I was planning on seeing a doctor while I was there instead of in the small village I was staying in.

After being dropped off at my hostel, I asked the ladies at the front desk where a hospital was. They said it was nearby so I started walking in the direction they told me to go. I was limping and in pain. As I was walking, a younger man working at a store asked me what happened and where I was going. After I told him, he told me to sit down, and that he would drive me to a hospital. But he had to work, so he called a friend, and within 10 minutes, his friend showed up, gesturing for me to get on the back of his motorbike. He drove me to a tourist doctor and waited inside while I was being treated.

About 30 minutes later, I limped out of the doctor’s office and he was still there waiting for me. I had to pay the doctor about $200 USD for the treatment and medicine, but my card was declined. He offered to drive me to an atm to get more cash. We drove to an atm, but it wasn’t working. Then we drove to another one because he insisted. It still didn’t work.

So he drove me back to the doctor and I explained to them that my card wasn’t working. They wouldn’t give me my receipt until I paid for everything. I had no choice but to just go back to my hostel and try to contact my bank.

So the guy drove me back to my hostel. I never got his name, and I didn’t have any money left to pay him for helping me.

He helped me out of the goodness of his heart. He didn’t expect anything in return. This is one of the experiences in my life I’ll never forget and has sueded me to believe that most people in the world are good people. Here I was a tourist in his country, and yet he took the time and care to make sure I was getting where I needed. It has inspired me to want to help others, even strangers, and I hope the people I can help will feel the same. Kindness is contagious, and we should all try to be more like this stranger in Bali who helped me purely because he knew I needed it.