Why I Look Up To Casey Neistat


Casey Neistat is a world-famous Youtuber. He has 8.6 million subscribers and one of the best work ethics I’ve ever seen. He loves his work and he’s passionate about what he does. I strive to be as in control of my life as he is.

I think a good role model shows confidence, hard work, and creativity. I’ve always admired his attitude. He doesn’t care what anyone thinks about him, if he doesn’t agree with someone, he will challenge them.

One of my favorite videos by him is called “Do What You Can’t”, where he says that anyone with a dream should follow it, and if anyone says you can’t do something, not to listen to them. Plenty of people have doubted him throughout his life but he kept on doing what he felt was right.

His persistence is astounding and just by watching his videos, you can see how content he is with his life. He chases what he wants with all his might, but that doesn’t mean sacrificing his family. He works constantly but at the same time, he spends enough time with the people he loves. A great deal of his videos feature his wife, son, and his daughter. You can tell he’s a family man and loves to share the benefits of his success with the people he cares about.

His mindset is fantastic. He doesn’t see something as a problem, but rather an opportunity. One of his most popular videos is called “Bike Lanes.” He got a ticket for riding his bike outside of the bike lane in Manhattan so he decided to film a video of him riding his bike in the bike lane no matter what. He crashes his bike into various things including a police car. His content is fantastic and he’s talented at the way he portrays it.  

He’s creative and innovative. He breaks records, challenges the rules (and even the laws), and personalizes everything. He’s bold, relentless, and confident. These are all traits I strive to have.