The Pros and Cons of Being An Extrovert

Being an extrovert means I get my energy from people and conversations. I feel amazing and refreshed after having thrilling deep conversations with others, sometimes until 2 am. Being an extrovert is a wild adventure, I’ll talk to anyone, and it excites me to meet new people. But there’s a downside to being an extrovert too.

Pro: I’m fearless with my interactions. I remember one of the boldest things I ever did was walk up to a group of strangers in a club and ask if I could join them. Granted, I was in Bali and people tend to be very welcoming and open-minded about hanging out with new people. I sat down with them and we hung out for hours. They were from England and Scotland. It was one of my favorite nights in Bali.

Con: I expect to have an amazing experience like this one whenever I’m in a social setting like this. I get discouraged when I don’t connect with people well, if I can’t make them laugh, or if the conversation is boring.

Pro: I don’t get tired of being with people. I loved living in a dorm with hundreds of people. They were all so interesting and different. There were plenty of people to have interesting conversations with and get advice from.

Con: Sometimes it’s nice to be alone, but I feel drained if I’m without friends or family for too long. I had a couple lonely weekends in Toronto cause I moved there without knowing anyone.

Pro: Being charismatic is super helpful when it comes to having pretty much any job. Being social can take you far. It gives me an advantage as a server and it helps with job interviews or design clients.

Con: Sometimes I feel like I talk too much. Quiet people are more observant and they make better listeners.

Being an extrovert makes up who I am. It’s not only my personality, but it’s what drives me in life. Although I wish I could truly enjoy time alone, people fascinate me I happy that I feel so much compassion for others.