What Do I Read Every Day?

Medium Daily Digest

Medium is my go-to reading platform. What’s great about Medium is that they email you every morning with 3 suggested articles called your “Daily Digest.” These suggestions came from categories I picked out when I made my account. I usually get 2 articles from the category “design” and one from “UX Planet”. These are usually someone explaining their work or links to gorgeously designed apps or websites. Reading the UX Planet articles has expanded my knowledge on the research and process of UX design. One of my favorite articles is a 20 week long interview with 20 designers. They ask them one question a week like, “What do you look for in a design portfolio?” or “How is your typical workday?”


LinkedIn News Summary

The daily LinkedIn summaries are perfect for staying in the know about current events. The summaries usually include a piece about current politics, something international, and something going on in the business or tech industry. It’s awesome because it’s brief. I feel better informed about the world and what’s going on around me after only a 5 minute read each day. They even have video summaries if you aren’t a fan of reading.


Dribbble and Behance

If I didn’t get enough UI design in my Medium Daily digest, I love to look through Dribble and Behance. Dribble is an exclusive design community. You have to be invited to even post your work. Behance is an Adobe website that always showcases creative and fresh ideas, usually designed within the adobe suite. It’s always good to look at inspiration and both of these websites are full of beautiful content featuring new trends and innovations.